Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orientation 2011

Each year Badger Battalion welcomes new Cadets by getting Cadre and Cadets together for a day to get to know each other. This year a paint-balling course was set up to get some healthy competition in before the school year began. After a few games of capture the flag, Cadets were able to socialize with each other during the cookout. By the end of the day cadets left a little sun burnt but ready to start the year!

Badger Battalion would like to welcome the following new cadets to the program:
CDT Bahnson CDT Durgin CDT Kirby CDT Schneider
CDT Brock CDT Englebert CDT Marinkovich CDT Sierra
CDT Bunker CDT Greene CDT McCarty CDT Swanson
CDT Casper CDT Haraldsen CDT Misra CDT Wozniak
CDT Bradley CDT Frechette CDT Gauthier CDT Tintes
CDT Iverson