Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring FTX - 2011

Because of the weather conditions, Spring FTX looked quite a bit different than normal this year. Typically, Cadets practice night land NAV (navigation) Friday night, perform STX lanes (squad tactics) on Saturday, and lead patrol lanes on Sunday morning. However, due to the weather and snow, much of the training was changed.

Instead of the usual, Cadets received classes on how to run an FOB (Forward Operating Base), call for fires, room clearing, patrol, and weapons assembly and disassembly.
Despite the cold weather, the Cadets still found time on Saturday to go outside and lead patrol lanes. After coming in from the cold, the Cadets were rewarded with hot pizza, which was followed up with weapons cleaning.

Even though the weather was not cooperative, Spring FTX was a successful training event. The Cadets were able to take in a lot of valuable information and training.