Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall FTX 2011

Badger Battalion conducted their semester Field Training Exercise (FTX) from 23Sept2011 to 25Sept2011 this year at Ft. McCoy along with Whitewater and Maranatha. During this period of training Cadets are able to challenge themselves and have the opportunity to conduct both day and night land navigation, repelling and completing an obstacle course Along with weapons familiarization and MSIIIs got a chance to fire them on the range qualifying and zeroing.

There were periods of rain over the weekend but the Cadets powered through and conducted training as planned. Before night land navigation on the second night the Cadets were rewarded with a cookout prior to heading out in the rain to find their points.
Overall, it was a very successful weekend. All of the Cadets worked hard and got good training preparing them for their future as leaders.