Monday, November 12, 2012

Badger ROTC Orientation 2012

Badger Battalion welcomes new Students and Cadets with our annual Kick-Off Orientation Event. This year, in honor of cadre member Major Brown(s) success on CBS Amazing Race, the Cadets conducted an ROTC version of the competition. The Cadets were divided into teams (with names ranging from Running Rebels to French Toast) and had to perform a variety of physical and mental challenges all over the campus over a course of 5 miles. By the end of the day, some questioned whether they had the stamina to last the rest of the year in ROTC, but most would agree that it was a race to remember.

Badger Battalion would like to welcome the following new cadets that contracted in to the program this semester, Fall 2012:

MSI: CDT Russell, CDT Donovan, CDT White, CDT Matzke
MSII: CDT Grolemund, CDT Wozniak, CDT Biddle, CDT Kramlich
MSIII: CDT Arndt, CDT Villacortaguerra